25+ Virtual Team Building Icebreakers To Lighten The Mood

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You can either use the wheel provided or modify your wheel. All you have to do is invite the meeting members and ask them to spin the wheel one by one. For some fun twist, customize the themes to create different options on the wheel for different games, events, giveaways, raffles and more. These kind of fun icebreakers for meetings get the crowd moving and are a whole lot of fun. Donut allows your team members to meet up for virtual hangouts. This can allow for personal conversations and ice breakers without any hassle, and can feel like a one-on-one coffee date.

Then, have them present a 30 minute Tech Talk or Brown Bag lunch on that topic. You may have played this game at a sleepover or summer camp, but it’s also one of our favorite fun icebreakers for virtual meetings.

Take A Picture Of

Spend some time asking pointed questions about each picture and listening. “If you were alone in the woods and had to choose to bring a knife, a shovel or a flint with tinder what would you bring?

Here’s another one from the ‘Get to know your colleagues better’ virtual icebreakers. Set up a new tradition and ask your team one random question each week or month. Want to ensure that your https://remotemode.net/ virtual icebreakers will be as effective and fun as possible? Choose the right space from which to host your virtual meeting. These events are really useful for everyone without exception.

Offline Team Games & Activities For Virtual Team Building

With the right activities, you can maintain a sense of culture and camaraderie, even without a physical office. Prompts could be as simple as “What is your favorite song? ” Or, try more contentious questions like, “Is Die Hard a holiday movie? ” You can mimic the camaraderie that comes with office banter and water cooler chat, even in a virtual environment.

team building icebreakers for virtual meetings

Give each a very different jigsaw puzzle (with equal difficulty & number of pieces). Each group has the same amount of time to complete the puzzle. Questions can cover topics like current challenges, stressors, defining moments, moments of pride, fears, desired outcome for the current gathering etc. Afterwards they can show each other their drawings and discuss their creations. The exercise is fun, colorful and visual and can be modified to work with any group and/or topic just by changing the questions. We accept our feelings, leaving behind what we doesn’t serve us right now. First, have everyone choose an object that is close to them and invite them to close their eyes.

Team Building Activities

They can also facilitate connections among team members who otherwise may not speak that often, or would not build a relationship without being prompted. So as a team leader, you should put in a concerted effort to create activities that help increase those team bonding factors. This is the time to be upfront and transparent with our needs, not only as workers but as human beings. With the changes to our day to day life, the needs we have are more difficult to communicate, and we all struggle to help one another.

team building icebreakers for virtual meetings

If you want to up the stakes, those who land on the minority side have to drink, a sip of beer or a shot, interrupt at your own risk. TIME-CONSUMING. As much as we love icebreakers, sometimes they’re not the most practical. Taking the time to explain, let alone do them, can seem frivolous for a team in the midst of their busy season. If this is the case, hold off on icebreakers and instead make sure your team feels appreciated with messages, shoutouts, and even care packages. As people introduce themselves, ask them to pick a 1-2 minute anecdote that was embarrassing for them in the past, and what they learned from the experience.

Coffee Breaks And Happy Hours

In a work environment, you do not always get the opportunity to get to know one another. “Did you know” is a great way to see how well your team knows each other in a personal and work setting. This activity is good for fairly newly formed teams, when they don’t know each other that well and need to get better acquainted.

  • That can lead to disengagement, which, in turn, can lead to poor performance on the job.
  • Make sure they do not hit “reply-all”, or else this guessing game will be spoiled!
  • One fun idea for your happy hour is to center it around a theme.

Wally is a world traveller and is characterized by his red-and-white-striped outfit and a hand-knit hat. The key to winning this game is to icebreakers for virtual meetings spot Wally before anyone else on your team does. This activity is a fun way to inculcate the habit of reading and make it a way of life.

Fun Virtual Team Icebreaker Ideas & Games For Meetings

Before your next all-hands or town hall meeting, set a theme and ask your colleagues to pick a virtual background image that, for them, represents it best. These are great get-to-know-you games and longer team-building activities that will both entertain and bring the team closer together. You can use a Slido word cloud for that, but instead of words, your participants will submit an emoji. This works best with larger meetings and events when a large number of emojis gets submitted.

team building icebreakers for virtual meetings

If not, have everyone bring their own props to pose for their best picture. Recommend items like big hats, sunglasses, and bright colored clothing. These might not be the best headshots for LinkedIn, but they’ll be fun to share and break the ice with some silliness. These games are just a starting point – there are endless possibilities when it comes to virtual icebreakers. The most important thing is to choose an activity that will be fun for your team and that will help everyone to get to know each other better.

#19 Team Trivia Quiz

Here are some virtual staff introduction ideas to get your employees to open up, focus and be prepared to make more powerful connections during your virtual session. ’ guideline to ensure it’s all fun talk and getting to know one another, or you can let them use that time to talk through projects and collaborations, too. When online meetings begin, it’s easy to jump straight into business. Remote team building is especially important for workers not used to working virtually (like those affected by COVID-19).

  • Prepare a set of inspirational quotes prior to the session and the number of participants on individual slips of paper.
  • Our team members in large cities sometimes have opportunities to meet and hangout, but for the entire team these opportunities are few and far between.
  • We’ve all played, never have I ever, in small university halls as we fuel up for a big night out.
  • They also mean that quite literally anyone with a phone can join it.

Each team or individual should “buzz in” through the chat to keep the game even more exciting (and fair!). Teams or individuals will earn points for correct answers, and bonus points for being the first to ring in. Keep in mind though, team building doesn’t just mean getting the team together to hangout and talk. It is a well thought out process that is based off of psychology and a considered approach. Together, you’ll need to uncover hidden clues and solve a series of brain-boggling challenges that require collaboration, creative problem-solving, and outside-the-box thinking. The clock is ticking before the stolen score is gone forever.

Q: What Can I Do To Spice Up My Next Virtual Meeting?

Even short games and virtual events leave us feeling more connected than anything else we can schedule in our days. In one of our most popular app-based team building activities, groups connect virtually using the video communications platform, likeZoom, and the proprietary Outback app. From there, coworkers break out into teams to solve who had the means, motive, and opportunity to commit a deadly crime. No, virtual team building isn’t a requirement for running a business. One popular virtual team building activity of this type is Online Office Games. I’ve seen lots of variations, ranging from very simple (one word to share how you’re feeling today) to more complex .

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